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Alternative Easter Gift Guide 2021

an easter gift bunny surrounded by eggs
24 Mar 2021

Looking for an alternative Easter gift to the usual chocolate eggs this Easter. We have put together a list of the best Easter Gifts with a difference for 2021. 

Of course, Easter and chocolate eggs go and hand in hand. However, if you want to treat the kids and loved ones in your life to a gift with a difference there are some great choices available. 

Here are our top picks of alternative Easter gifts for children and adults for Easter 2021.

Disclaimer: Some of the gifts below were sent to us for review and or photography purposes. Any items where an admin fee had been paid to cover costs or any affiliated links (see here) have been highlighted. However, the items had been carefully selected beforehand and our opinions are of our own.

Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids 2021

If you looking to treat the children in your life this Easter but want something different from the usual chocolate eggs we have some great alternatives Easter Gifts ideas for kids below. 

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game – £16.00

Review Hoppy Floppys Happy Hunt Game Learning Resources

A game always makes a lovely gift. Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game by Learning Resources is a fun learning game designed for children aged 3 to 7 year olds. Players are tasked with can helping Floppy find his carrots using the fun spinner and bunny tweezers all designed to help with matching, strategy, colour recognition, and the fine motor skills needed in writing. 

We Love – The game is played in the box itself cutting down on mess and can be stored away easily.  The cute rabbit theme makes this game a great Easter gift. Check out a review from our Mum on The Go reviewer Sarah here. 

You can purchase Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game direct from Learning Resources here. 

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes £29.99 

Easter Gifts for Kids Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Easter a great time for an outdoor toy gift. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes is a fun STEM-inspired toy designed to keep kids active and screen-free.  Designed by Aeronautical Engineers, Stunt Planes includes three unique planes: the Looper makes giant loops; the Glider does tricks and glides over 100 feet; and Wild Cat flips, turns, and soars.

We Love – Stomp Rocket helps kids learn about ‘trajectory’, ‘force’, and ‘aerodynamics’, it can be played with, with, or without wind. Plus no batteries are required just a good stomp.  

To check out and purchase Stomp Rocket see here. 


Buzz Retail Rainbow Art Set – Currently £15.00

lockdown gift ideas for kids buzz retail rainbow art set

Painting and kids go and hand in hand and The Rainbow Art Set from Buzz Art helps minimise the mess. It includes it’s own paint tray, 6 rainbow fast-drying watercolours, non-drip foam brushes and a portable carry case, making it a mess-free and easy to store gift for little artists. 

We Love – The rainbow theme, the bright colours and the easy to use sponges and a perfect lockdown gift. 

To have a closer look and to purchase the Buzz Retail Rainbow Art Set here.

Super Tumbler by Buzz Toys – RRP £40.00 currently on sale at £12.00 

Easter Gift Guide for Kids Super Tumbler Buzz Toys

No one can resist a remote control car and the Super Tumbler by Buzz Toys will be a big hit with little and big kids alike. This easy-to-control stunt car is capable of 360-degree twists and turns, wheelies, and lots more. With a 10m range, it is sure to provide hours of fun. 

We Love – The long range of the car and the many stunts it can perform keeping the kids engaged for hours. 

To order the Super Tumbler by Buzz Toys see here. 

Coding Critters Bopper, Hip and Hop

Easter Gifts for Kids Coding critters

It is never too young for kids to start to code. The award-winning, Learning Resources Coding Critters is designed for younger children to learn coding and STEM thinking. Children will learn to code through Bopper the rabbit’s storybook adventure and help Hip and Hop enjoy fun games and activities such as collecting carrots and pulling along her cart. 

We Love – The bunny theme makes a perfect Easter gift and a great way to get kids thinking about coding. Plus the Coding Critters can be popped into play mode to double as interactive pets.

To check out Coding Critters Bopper, Hip and Hop set see here. 

Waboba Moon Ball – £5.99

Easter Gift Guide Kids Waboba Moon Ball

For a fun outdoor toy on a budget, the Waboba Moon Ball is the way to go. This crazy, gravity-defying ball bounces up to 100 feet and makes a unique ‘pop’ sound when it hits the ground. It’s so addictive that toddlers to teens and adults will enjoy endless fun with the Waboba Moon Ball.

We Love – The size makes it great for taking on days out, its design makes it easy to grip and catch so perfect for all ages and abilities and it is 100% Non-toxic and highly durable.

Discover Waboba Moon Ball and order here. 

Discovery Eggs By Learning Resources – £8.50

Easter Gifts for kids Discovery Eggs

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without eggs. Discovery Eggs By Learning Resources are not only perfect for hiding Easter treats ready for the all-important egg hunt, but they are also a fun learning tool. Once Easter is over Discovery Eggs are great for hide and seek and memory and sorting games and even exploring scents. 

We Love – There durable eggs perfectly sized for little hands, the zig-zag opening, and that they can be used long after Easter is over. 

For a closure look and to purchase the Discover Eggs by Learning Resources see here. 

Buzz Art Buzzing Stickerz – RRP £25.00 currently £20.00

Lockdown kids gifts ideas Buzzing Stickerz Buzz Art

Craft sets make a great Easter gift. The Buzzing Stickerz gives the chance to create over 180 3D holographic and metallic stickers. Easy to use, kids can use the foam sticker shape, rub on the colourful decorations to make their masterpieces. It is sure to keep the kids busy and provide hours of fun.

We Love – The stickers are easy to create, there are lots of images to choose from, mess-free and comes with stencils so that kids can customise their designs. 

To check out and purchase the Buzzing Stickerz set see here.

Great Rivers of the World – Prestel Books – RRP £14.99

Alternative Easter Gift Guide Kids Great Rivers Book

You can never go wrong with a book for kids and this Great Rivers of the World book is a great choice. Aimed at children over 8 years old, kids can discover all about the most rivers around the world and their importance to the countries surrounding them. All with the help of illustrations, facts, and figures. 

We Love – The beautiful illustrations which help spark kids’ imagination and instill a love of geography and the world around them. 

For more information and to order the Great Rivers of the World book see here. 

Fruit Bowl’s Dino Yogurt Eggs

Alternative Easter Gift Guide Kids Dio Yogurt Eggs

For a great alternative to chocolate for an Easter Egg hunt, we love Fruit Bowl’s Dino Yogurt Eggs. These yogurt-covered raisins come in three colours – green, blue and pink and are perfect for your little dino fans. 

We Love – The Fruit Bowl’s Dino Yogurt Eggs packets come in three different dinosaur designs and make a lovely healthy alternative to chocolate eggs. 

Fruit Bowl’s Dino Yogurt Eggs are available from supermarkets. 

Alternative Easter Gifts for Adults and families

Easter doesn’t just have to be for children, why not treat your loved ones to a great Easter gift with these ideas for all tastes. 

Rock Saws Puzzles By Zee Productions From £17.99

Easter Gifts for adults Rock Saws David Bowie


Music lovers will adore the Rock Saw puzzles from Zee Productions. There is a choice of 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles that feature original artwork from music icons such as David Bowie, Elton John, The Clash, Nirvana, ACDC, and Pink Floyd. Perfect to entertain everyone over the Easter Holidays. 

We Love – This modern spin on jigsaws. There is a great range of artists and album covers to choose from and may a great piece of wall art when finished. 

To check out the full range and to purchase the Rock Saws Puzzles by Zee Productions see here. 

Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) – £99.00 

 Easter Gift Guides Adults Epic Escape Room Box 3 in 1

What better Easter gift than a fun family activity. Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) is suitable for all the family and will provide ideas of entertainment and fun. The 3 in 1 box features three different level escape rooms, with separate puzzles all fully interactive and engaging all ages.

We Love – Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) comes with everything you need to play the ultimate game with the family. Although it is aimed at over 16’s younger players can still play along with a little help – great for teaching teamwork, creativity and logic. 

For more information and to purchase the Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) see here. 

Mermaid Gin RRP £36.70

Easter Gift Guide Adult Mermaid Gin

We all know gin and chocolate go hand in hand and The Mermaid Gin from The Isle of Wight Distillery is sure to be a big hit. Handcrafted on the Isle of Wight it features ten ethically sourced botanicals for award-winning signature blend with a hint of sea air. 

We Love – The stunning bottle, the subtly taste achieved from locally sourced ingredients setting Mermaid Gin apart from others on the market. Add in that Island of Wight Distillery is a certified Net Zero company The Mermaid Gin is sure to make a great gift. 

Check out annd purchase Mermaid Gin in time for Easter here. 

OGG Vegan Cakes – From 

OGGs Vegan Cake Review

Cake and Easter go and hand in hand, however, if you are Vegan dairy or egg-free it’s not easy to find a good quality version. OGGs offers amazing Vegan cakes which taste just like the usual versions. They have a range of options available from their chocolate OGGs Celebration Cake, the OGGs Zesty Lemon cake to OGGS Mini Vanilla Cupcakes, and lots more. 

We Love – Not only does the OGGs cake look great but also tastes amazing, just as just good if not better than mainstream versions. OGGs are also highly ethical all their packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, locally sourced products when possible and an ethical supply chain.    Check out our full review of OGGs Cakes from our Mum in the Know reviewer here. 

You can find out more about OGGS Cakes and bites here and purchase from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, and Ocado. 

Spring and Easter Candles from Vegan Bunny – £10.00

Easter Gift ideas Vegan Bunny

Candles make a lovely Easter Gift especially when scented. Vegan Bunny offers a range of beautiful Vegan candles made with natural ingredients including natural waxes and pure essential oils free from toxic artificial fragrances, Zinc & pesticides. Their fragrance range includes delights such as Hot Cross Buns, Lemon Drizzle, Unicorn Tears, and lots more. 

We Love – Vegan Bunny’s Easter Cookie and Lavender Soy candles which both offer the scent of spring in cute little glass jars. 

Discover the full range and purchase any of the  Vegan Bunny Candles see here. 

Rocky Loaded Egg By Sweet Tree By Browns – £13.99 

Easter Gift guide loaded egg Sweet Tree by Browns

Ok, so we couldn’t do an Easter gift guide without a nod to Easter Eggs, and what an Egg we have chosen.  Forget hollow eggs The Rocky Loaded Half Egg By Sweet Tree By Browns is handmade with Belgian Milk chocolate, stuffed to the brim with their Begian crispy crunch and mini marshmallows. It is then topped with more Belgian chocolate and Easter treats including a Maltesers Bunny®, Cadbury’s Mini Eggs®, mini mallow bunnies, and golden sugar pearls.  

We Love – That this half egg is filled to the brim with chocolatey treats, can be personalised with a message, and will last up to 4 months in its original packaging – although we doubt it would survive not being eaten for that long. 

To check out and to order The Rocky Loaded Egg by Sweet Tree by Browns see here. 

Round Corner Brewing Spring / Easter Gift 12 Pack – £30.00 

Alternative Easter gift adults Round corner brewing Easter Gift pack

This Easter beer fans will love Round Corner Brewing Easter 12 pack. The gift pack features six of it’s hoppiest beers ‘Hopping Spree’ a West Coast IPA,  ‘Steeplechase’ a fruity pale ale, ‘Gunmetal’ a clean and crisp black lager, ‘Mackinaw’ an American brown ale with nutty and chocolate notes, Drovers their IPA and “10 Hours in LA’ a golden orange beer with a fruity, tropical punch. 

We Love – The wide range of flavours of craft beers ensuring that there is something for all tastes. 

To order the Round Corner Brewing Easter Gift pack in time for Easter see here. 

The World Explained In 264 Infographics – RRP 49.99 

Mothers Day Books The World Explained 250 Infographics

Books always go down well and the brand new coffee table book ‘The World Explained In 264 Infographics’ will be a well used gift. Using beautifully illustrated easy to understand infographics readers can explore topics including history, economics, sports, music, art, science and culture. 

We Love – The book explains a wide of complex topics in an understandable and enjoyable way. From learning about the evolution of electric vehicles from a tricycle to a Tesla Model 3, to how supermarkets trick you into buying more food than you need, and how much work goes into creating a video game, there is something for all tastes. 

To find out more and to purchase The World Explained in 264 Infographics see here. 


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