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Totally Gruesome Review and Top Tips

a pumpkin at Totally Gruesome
27 Oct 2020

We checked out Totally Gruesome, the indoor Halloween trail for families based in Manchester. Here is what we thought and our top tips. 

With the current restrictions and bad weather, it is not easy to find fun Halloween activities to keep the kids entertained. We were therefore excited to be invited to check out Totally Gruesome (Gifted) in Ashton Under Lyne to see what we thought. 

Totally Gruesome Review and Top Tips For Visiting

Totally Gruesome is the brainchild of the company behind the popular fun summer trail Totally Roarsome. Based at the old Ashton Metro Cinema, the Halloween themed trail is all indoors and has been designed to be socially distance friendly and Covid Safe. 

When booking the attraction you are required to choose a time slot that are divided into 5-minute intervals and you can only book for up to 6 people in your household or bubble.

On arrival at our time, we were greeted outside by a staff member who took our temperature, made sure that the adults and over 11’s had masks and explained the rules; mainly that we needed to sanitise our hands-on entering and that we shouldn’t touch anything.

It was then our time to enter. Here we met a spookily dressed staff member who explained that as we made our way around the trail each room would have breakout-style clues to solve. That each answer would be a letter which when put together would spell a Halloween related word and once solved we could be entered into their weekly prize draw. We were told not to worry if we didn’t manage to get the anagram at the end as the witch in the forest would happily give us a hand. 

Totally Gruesome Review Ashton

It was also explained that we would have 5 minutes in each and could only move on to the next one when we heard a wolf howl and the lights to the next room turned green. After watching a quick video and sanitising our hands we were on our way. 

The first room we entered was the themed to the Mexican Festival The Day Of Dead and on entering it was clear that we were in for an amazing experience. 

Totally Gruesome Review day of the dead

The room was filled with high-quality props and great lighting and had a great immersive feel. The five minutes gave us plenty of time to look around, take pictures and solve the clue in the room. 

This first room set our expectations high and the other rooms did not disappoint. The rooms themes included Gruesome Dinosaurs, Spiders Cave, Egyptian Tomb, Outer Space, Drac and Frank’s Lair, Clown Graveyard, Twisted Circus, Medieval Dining Room and Witches Forest. Again all props and ambience was high quality with each area having something new to offer. 

Totally Gruesome Review dinosaurs

Totally Gruesome Review egypt

Totally Gruesome Review spider

Our favourite rooms included The Medieval Dining Room which offered a Harry Potter theme and Drac and Frank’s Lair which featured some very spooky props.  We also loved the last room, the Witches Forest. This had a lovely magical feel and gave us the chance to meet the very friendly witch who took our picture in the selfie mirror and gave us a copy to bring home (included in the entry fee). 

Totally Gruesome Review medievil dining room

Totally Gruesome Review dracular

Overall we were all very impressed with Totally Gruesome. The organisers have pitched it for primary school children and they definitely catered for this age. The rooms all had a spooky feel without being too scary and some will be relieved to hear that at no point nothing jumps out or moves.

The escape room style clues were also a great addition. Although some of the clues we worked out instantly others kept us busy for longer and definitely had both adults and kids flexing their brain cells; we were all very excited when we worked out the word at the end.  

Totally Gruesome Review clue

Add in that the visit lasts for around 55 minutes, you come away with a free photo and it only costs £7 per person, Totally Gruesome is a great Halloween attraction.

See here for more details and how to book. 

Top Tips For Visiting Totally Gruesome Manchester

Visiting Totally Gruesome over Half Term? Here are our tops tips. 

    1. Totally Gruesome is located at the old Ashton Under Lyne Metro Cinema, on Delamere St, OL6 7RS which is in the middle of Ashton Under Lyne Town Centre. It is a 10-minute walk from the Ashton Under Lyne Metro Link stop and paid parking is available at Active Ashton and Ladysmith Shopping Centre.  
    2. You need to arrive promptly for your booked slot. You will not be allowed to enter until your time and may not be allowed in if late. Be aware that their queue is outside if you do plan on arriving early. 
    3. Masks are required for all adults and children over 11 years old unless you are exempt. 
    4. The experience lasts for around 55 minutes. There is no seating once on the trail.
    5. There are toilets available at the start of the experience but not throughout. 
    6. Fancy dress is welcome and makes a great picture. 
    7. Have fun!




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