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Review of The Trafford Centre Summer Daze and Top Tips

A large deckchair on the beach at Summer Daze Trafford Centre

Summer Daze has arrived at The Trafford Centre for the holidays. We checked it out and you can discover what we thought and our top tips below. 

Summer Daze at The Trafford Centre is now open for the summer.

We were invited along to have a peek and took two nine-year-olds and two 12-year-olds to see what they thought. 

You can discover what to expect below, some top tips and what we thought below. 

Where to Park for at The Trafford Centre for Summer Daze 

Summer Daze is located outside Great Hall (where the Orient Food Hall is situated). 

Of course, the Trafford Centre has an abundance of free parking spaces available on each side of the centre.

However, if you want to park nearby to the Summer Daze event, we recommend heading to the John Lewis side of the centre and following the road to the left.

Here you will find car parks in front of the M&S Food Hall (which is where we parked and just a couple of minutes walk to the event) and just after the Summer Daze. If those are full the John Lewis carparks are a good option. 

What Do You Need Tickets for at the Trafford Centre Summer Daze?  

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre bouncy castle

The only part of Summer Daze that you need tickets for is the funfair. 

Entry tickets cost £2.80 including a booking fee online or £3.50 on the door, for a three hour time slot. The time slots run at 11.00am to 2.00pm, 2.00pm to 5.00pm and 5.00pm to 8.00pm. 

You will need to purchase ride tokens seperately which cost £1 each when purchased seperately. You can also buy 25 for the price of 20 online which costs £22.00 including the booking fee. 

You don't need entry tickets for the food and bar zone or for the big screens showing summer sports or the free outdoor cinema which are both on a first come basis. 

How much do the Attractions and rides cost at the Trafford Centre fun fair? 

As mentioned above to ride the rides you need to purchase tokens which are priced at £1 each (or you can make the most of the online offer). 

The rides and attractions cost either 2, 3, 4 or 5 tokens as follows. 

Two Token Rides and Attractions 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre small rides

The following rides cost two tokens

  • Race 'o' Rama
  • Mini Swing Chairs
  • Pony Adventure Ride
  • Kidzone 
  • Teacups
  • Balloon Ride 
  • Train Ride 

Three Token Rides and Attractions 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre Caterpillar Ride

The following rides cost three tokens:

  • Waveswinger
  • Bumper Boats
  • Bumper Carz
  • Inflatable Circus (bouncy castle)
  • Caterpillar Coaster 
  • Funhouse 
  • Flying Elephants 
  • Jump N Smile (Frog Ride) 
  • Cruise Ship 
  • Sea Storm 
  • Star Flyer Four Token Rides and Attractions 

The following rides cost four tokens:

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre Log Flume

  • Jungle River Log Flume
  • Hook A Duck 

Five Token Rides and Attractions 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre waterballs

The following rides cost five tokens:

  • Bungee Trampolines 
  • Waterballs 

Which Rides Did We Like Best? 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre smile and jump ride

Our group included two adrenaline loving 12 year olds, my nine year old daughter who is just starting to move on to bigger rides and a friends nine year old who still prefers the smaller ride options. 

On entering the funfair it was great to see that all tastes were catered for with a range of big and small rides, and that all of them were tall enough to ride them all. 

All the kids loved the Fun House and the Inflatable Circus (bouncy castle) and had a decent amount of time in each. 

They all also tried the Star Gazer, a swing ride that takes you high into the air. This looked a lot scarier than it actually was and gave great views of the Summer Daze and The Trafford Centre. 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre star gazer shot

The faster rides at the fair included Smile and Jump (or frog ride) that spun around whilst bouncing you into the air before then taking you backwards; the Waveswinger a large pirate ship which went very high and fast and the new SeaStorm which looks like will be tame but went quiet fast and start to spin half way round. 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre Seastorm ride

The twelve year olds and also (surprisingly) with my nine year old daughter tried all of these and each were big hits. My friends nine year old was happy to stick to the tamer rides with favourites being the Kidzone and the Elephant ride. 

They all also tried the Waterballs which they enjoyed. However, this had the longest queue and didn't seem to last long but non of them seem to mind. 

The Jungle River (the log flume) had to be the firm favourite, especially as they all got wet and quiet an usual ride to see at a pop up fairground. 

The Beach at The Trafford Centre

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre beach

Along with the rides Summer Daze has a huge 8000ft square beach. 

Here you will find tonnes of sand, deckchairs scattered around and some picnic benches. 

On our visit the kids were too busy enjoying the fun fair and food and we ran out of time before we could have a little play in the beach. However the families we spotted there looked like they were having lots of fun. 

We would reccomend taking along your own bucket and spade to make the most of it. 

The Splash Park at The Trafford Centre

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre Splash Park

New to the Trafford Centre this summer is the huge new Splash Park. The Splash Park is included in the entry to ticket to the fun fair and no tokens are needed. 

This giant paddling pool is filled with 20,000 square meters of water, has Palm Tree water fountains and has wheel shape buckets that splash water on those underneath at random. 

After getting wet on the Jungle River, the Splash Park was the obvious last stop of the day. All the kids loved splashing around and daring each other to stand under the buckets. 

If your kids are anything like ours expect them to get drenched and take a change of clothes and a towel. 

There are deckchairs around the outside for adults to sit and watch the fun. 

The Summer Daze Big Screens

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre outdoor cinema

The Summer Daze has large screens showing the summer sports events such as the Womens Euros, the Common Wealth Games and European Chapionship Athletics. You can see the full schedule here

Plus there will be an outdoor cinema showing a range of films including The Greatest Showman and and Encanto. You can check out the line up here. 

The is one screen located in the fairground and included in the entry price and another next to the food and drink zone which is free to use. Both will be on first come first serve basis. 

Summer Daze Entertainment

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre entertainment

On set dates throughout the summer there will be free face painting and character appearances. 

Plus the new live stage will feature different artists on certain days throughout the event. 

Food and Drink at Summer Daze 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre food

The food and drink zone at Summer Daze is free to enter and includes a bar with a selection of beers, gins and spirits, frozen cocktails and soft drinks. 

You will also find pop up food stalls from Manchester Favourites Mira and Ram Yum .

Mira menu includes a range of huge sandwiches with fillings such as homemade meatballs and mozeralla, salamis and vegan sausage costing between £8.70 and £8.90. Plus they had fries from £3.50 to £7.50 for a loaded option.

Ram Yum menu features chicken or vegan noodle boxes at £8.00, chicken burgers at £8.50 and vegan burgers at £8.00 and fries from £2.00. Plus they have a kids menu with a chicken burger or Sweet Potato bits both for just £4.00. 

For those with a sweet tooth, you can purchase Churros from the Churros Shop costing from £5.00 for 6 and a choice of dips including Nutella, Belguim Chocolate and more costing £1.00. 

Review Summer Daze Trafford Centre Churros

Inside the fun fair there is also loaded donuts, candy floss, slushies and traditional fun fair treats. 

We tried the burgers, sandwiches and churros and all were delicious. 

What We Thought of Summer Daze at The Trafford Centre

Summer Daze makes a lovely school holiday treat. 

With the beach, splash park and an abundance of fun fair rides definatley gives a seaside feel without having to leave Manchester.

The range of fun fair rides means that kids of all ages are well catered for and we loved that the entry ticket includes free use of the beach and splash park.

Add in that there will be free outdoor cinema showings and lovely food on offer you can certainly have a full day of fun at the Summer Daze. 

Have a sneak peek!

Have a peek at all the fun that Summer Daze has to offer in our Instagram Reel here. 

For more details about The Trafford Centre's Summer Daze and how to book see here. 


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