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Review School Of Rock The Musical

School of the Musical on stage credit school or rock.
5 Jan 2022

The School Of The Musical has arrived in Manchester and we were invited along to check it out. Discover what we thought in our review here. 

The global hit School of Rock The Musical is back on tour throughout the UK. We sent one of our reviewers Rachel and her children to check it out at its stop at the Palace Theatre Manchester. You can discover what they thought below. 

Review School Of Rock The Musical

I’m feeling truly spoilt with theatre at the moment. Just as the hilarious Book of Mormon checks out of the Palace Theatre, the more family-friendly School of Rock arrives in Manchester to dazzle audiences. 

It could just be me, but it feels like there is even more of a sparkle in live theatre at the moment, as both cast/production staff and audiences rekindle that unique relationship that was lost during the lockdown. 

So, onto Andrew Lloyd Weber’s School of Rock: The Musical. Based on the 2003 comedy starring Jack Black it tells the story of wannabe rock star Dewey Finn, who imitates his teacher-friend to take up the position of supply teacher at the prestigious school Horace Green.

Knowing nothing about teaching, Dewey is thrilled to discover that his new class can play music (albeit classical), and sets about teaching them everything he knows about rock and sticking it to the man.

Review School of Rock Dewey Finn SOR Jake HiRes 3764 retouched

The School of Rock is formed, and the class begins practicing for their performance in the upcoming Battle of the Bands.

It’s a heart-warming and often hilarious show, where the kids find out it’s not all about gaining gold stars, and that sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in.

Filled with catchy tunes, great one-liners and heart-warming moments, it definitely packs a punch, drawing the audience in, ready for the grand finale. Review School Of Rock Horace Green SOR Jake HiRes 2461 retouched

Jake Sharp is fantastic in the role of Dewey Finn, and when he’s with the children’s cast members, he really shines – the comic timing and the onstage relationship that he has with them is wonderful to see. Together they pull off something magical.

Rebecca Lock really stands out in her role as headmistress of Horace Green – her voice is simply stunning, moving from prima donna to rock chick with ease.

Review School of Rock Kids SOR Jake HiRes 5303 retouched

But let’s face it; the stars of the show are the children. They are such a talented group of children, who don’t just have to act and sing…..but have to play their own instruments too. Watching them truly was awe-inspiring. By the grand finale, I think my kids felt that they had finally attended their first rock concert.      

What Do We think of The School of Rock The Musical? 

So would I recommend bringing the whole family along to watch The School of Rock?

As you may know takes a lot to please a 14, 12 and 8-year-old (and mum), but The School of Rock did just that, so it’s a resounding “yes” from us all. 

It was my eight year old’s first trip to see something at the theatre that wasn’t a pantomime, and she sat enraptured through it all. When I mentioned that I had to write this review, she said she would definitely give it five stars. 

If you fancy a family treat to brighten up your January, make sure you book your tickets for School of Rock: The Musical now, as it’s only on at the Palace Theatre until 15th January 2022. 

For more information and to book tickets to School of Rock see here. 

Image credits – School of Rock Production

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