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Review of Marvel Universe Live 2019 UK Tour

Marvel Universe Live 2019 UK Tour Characters
28 Nov 2019

The new Marvel Universe Live 2019 UK Tour has arrived at Manchester Arena and we were invited along to check it out. Here’s what we thought.

We are big Mavel Fan and were therefore over the moon when we were invited to the 2019 Marvel Live Universe Tour featuring over 20 of our favourite characters for the purpose of an honest review. Read on for what we thought and check out our top tips for visiting Marvel Universe Live 2019 UK Tour see here. 

Along with myself and my 10 year old son, we were joined by sons friend (also aged 10) a family friend and her Marvel obcessed 5 year old. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review kids

You can watch a sneak peek in the video below from Harry’s World UK and read on for our review.

The show began with Dr Strange floating across the giant stage whilst explaining that the Wand of Watoomb, which has immense mystical power had been stolen. Loki wanting the power for himself has hired Nebula to retrieve it and bring it to him. If she succeeds the whole Universe it at risk. 

The next scence saw Nebula show off her warrior skills, fighting for the for the Wand of Watoomb and unfortunatley winning. The show then follows the Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, The Avengers and Dr Strange in a race against time for them battle to recover the Wand before Nebula can complete her task and hand it over to Loki. 

The audience were then treated to an abundance of ariel acrobatics, seemless fighting skills and amazing motorcycle stunts which had everyone gasping outloud. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Motorbike stunts

Having read the above, it would be easy to think that show is just one big stunt show but it was so much more. The story was full of twists and turns that us on the edge of our of seats and completely invested. 

The special effects also wowed, with 3D projections and animations, smoke, lighting and pyrotechnics all working together, setting the scenes and bringing the story to life. 

Of course a show based on the Marvel Universe would not be complete without the characters and they were out in force. From the Gaurdians of the Galazy with a fully grown Groot and an extra fiesty Rocket to the Avengers complete with both Captain America and Ironman showing off their skills and Black Panther joining in the battles. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Gaurdians of the Galxay

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Avengers Assemble

Spiderman and stunts have always gone hand in hand, and Marvel Universe Live didn’t change this. One minute he was flying through the sky the next doing a summersault on a motorcycle all accompanied with his cheeky charm . 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Avengers

Thor was also a firm favourite with the audience with both his first appearance and the moment he summoned his hammer being greeted with cheers. 

The girls were not forgotten with the Wasp, Black Widow and Glamour showing their strengh and fighting abilities. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Wasp

The Hulk was a late addition to the show, but he certainly made an impact with his impressive entrance and his sheer size and presence instantly taking over the stage. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Hulk

As I am sure you can imagine in true Marvel style battles were a plenty and so were the Marvel Villians. Expect the likes of Green Goblin, Rhino, Electro to and of course Nebula and Loki to name just a few. 

From the moment the show began the boys were in awe and they were not the only ones. The combination of our favourite characters right before our eyes coupled with amazing special effects, and out of this world stunts had us all completely gripped throughout and I have never seen my son so entralled. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review avengers team

Add in the great storylines and epic battle scences Marvel Universe Live 2019 Tour is a truly spectacular show which we would happily reccomend to any Marvel fan. 

Marvel Universe Live UK Review Marvel Characters

The Marvel Universe Live 2019 Tour is showing at Manchester Arena until Sunday 1st of December with both evening and matinee shows available . For more information and how to book see here. 

Other UK venues to see Marvel Universe Live 2019 Tour 

The Marvel Universe Live 2019 Tour is next heading to the Birmingham Arena – 5th to 8th December 2019

For more information and how to book tickets see here.

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