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Review of Manchester Airports Escape Lounge and Security Fast Pass

5 Mar 2020

If you’re flying out of Manchester Airport check out our review of Security Fast Track and the Escape Lounge.

There is nothing more exciting than going on a holiday. Whether it is for a weekend away without the kids or a full family holiday we all love a trip away. To help get your holiday off to a great start Manchester Airport have some great bookable extras and we were invited to check out their Security Fast Track and Escape Lounge. We therefore sent our Manchester Editor Gemma and her husband Joe to check them out at the start of their child free trip to New York – yes we were jealous too !

Review of Manchester Airport’s Security Fast Track and Escape Lounge.

Having booked Manchester Airports Security Fast Track and Escape Lounge on our last family trip to Florida we were very excited to be asked to try these facilities on our child free trip to New York to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary.

I’m just like everyone else; myself and husband absolutely love going on holiday especially when we had a pass from Grandparents to travel child free.However the busy airport experience can often mean that the start of the holiday is not as relaxing as you would like . A big part of that is often due to the very necessary security area. With a large airport like Manchester the security queue can understandably be large and although we never mind, it’s there for our safety, it can be the most stressful and tedious part of the airport experience.

Cue the Security Fast Track ! The bookable Security Fast Track allows you to enter a priority lane at security to bypass the general line.

Manchester Airport review Fast Track Security

When we used this facility on our last family trip with our then 5 and 8 years it was an absolute godsend. No waiting with bored children, no grumpy husband and no worry that we (well I) wouldn’t have enough time to check out the duty free. We sailed through and our latest experience was exactly the same resulting in us having extra time in the airport to relax!

Once we were through security and had a look around the shops, we headed to the Terminal 2 Escape Lounge.The premium lounges are well sign posted once past duty free and the Escape Lounge was located on level 1, accessible by both stairs and lifts.

Manchester Airport review Escape Lounge booking in

The Escape Lounge had been booked in advance on our behalf and on entering we simply needed to provide our names and boarding pass.
We were then seated at our reserved table in the dining area, although spaces are also available in the lounge area which features softer furnishing and low tables. Once seated it was explained that we could help ourselves to the hot and cold food and drink options available and that alcoholic drinks were available at the bar.

We had a morning booking and were delighted to find a choice of hot items such as scrambled eggs, beans, grilled tomatoes, bacon and sausages.
There was also cereal, fruit, yogurt, a selection of cereals and pre-cut white barms (yes this is the correct word!)

Not wanting a full English I opted for a sausage barm, which I enjoyed that much that I went for a second along with some pastries. My plane outfit of stretchy leggings certainly came in handy.

Manchester Airport review Escape Lounge Breakfast Esca

My hubby Joe started off with cereal, moved on to sausage barms finishing with quite a few pastries along with a banana for good measure.Whilst Joe made the most of the Twinnings tea I went for the coffee machine which offered everything from expresso to flat white, hot chocolate and more.

Manchester Airport review Escape Room newspaper

It would have been rude to not make a visit to the bar which was well stocked with spirits, wine, beers and an amazing prosecco tap which of course I had to see in use.

 Manchester Airport review Escape Lounge Prosecco

Before we left the lovely Escape Room staff started to put out the lunch options, which included a hot pasta option, salads, sandwiches, cheese and biscuits and lots more. Although we didn’t get chance to try, it all looked delicious. 

Manchester Airport review Escape Room Lunch

The lounge itself was just as enjoyable as the food with a relaxing, quiet atmosphere, comfy chairs, newspapers and plugs for charging devices (a three pin plug was required where we were sat rather than just a USB lead).

Manchester Airport review Escape Lounge Lounge

You are able to enter the lounge up to three hours before your flight and it would have been easy to stay and relax all day. However we did have a plane to catch, and thankfully we could watch for our gate opening on the screens dotted around.

Yet again the Security Fast Track and Escape Lounge helped us to have a lovely stress free start to our holiday and whether travelling with or without kids I would highly recommend them both.

Booking Security Fast Pass and the Escape Lounge at Manchester Airport. 

The Security Fast Pass at Manchester Airport costs from £6 per person and for more information and to book see here. 

The Escape Lounges at Manchester Airport are located at all three terminals, costs from £24 per person when booked in advance and for more information and to book see here. 


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