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Review Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big

Disney on Ice Review Dragon
24 Mar 2024

The Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big has arrived at M&S Bank Arena Liverpool. We were invited along to check it out.  Here’s what we thought in our review.

As huge Disney fans, we love a trip to see Disney On Ice and couldn’t wait to the new Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big show .

It features favourite Disney characters such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Rapunzel, Belle, Moana, Maui and more.

Review of 2024 Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big 

Disney On Ice Dream Big Mickey Mouse
Credit – Disney On Ice

The show began with Tinker Bell first taking the ice showing that her skills are not just limited to the air.

Then in the Disney On Ice tradition, the show began with Mickey and Minnie kicking off the proceedings. 

The Disney favourites explained that they would be taking us on a journey with the best Disney heroes and princesses. 

Aladdin is the first hero of the show as he saves Princess Jasmin from being arrested and falling in love. 

As he finds the magic lamp we are introduced to the Genie. It was a delight to watch as he strutted his stuff to You’ve Never Had a Friend Like Me.

Before long with his wish of being a prince come true, Aladdin and Jasmin show off their amazing skating skills as they glided across the ice to A Whole New World. 

Throughout the show, we were treated to snippets from beloved Disney films.

These included Beauty and the Beast as Belle and Lumiere danced to Be Our Guest in a spectacular number; Cinderella who arrived on the ice in her breathtaking carriage;

Rapunzel goes on an adventure with Prince Eric to find the lanterns that she has only been able to look at from afar. Plus a visit from Coco who had some sensational skills on the ice. 

A highlight had to be Sleeping Beauty with Maleficent turning into a dragon and setting the ice on fire. 

Other Disney hits were given more ice time for the story to unfold. The kids were mesmerised as Moana complete with her boat took to the rink.

Disney On Ice Dream Big Moana and Maui
Credit – Disney On Ice

We were then honoured with the Demi-God Maui presence. Performing ‘Your Welcome’ complete with his famous rap before Moana finished with ‘I Am Moana’.  

The Dream Big show also followed Ariel and Flounder as the Little Mermaid saves Prince Eric whilst showing off her skating moves. 

We were then transported under the sea to join Sebastian as explains in a spectacular style why ‘Under The Sea’ is better!

Before long Ursula the Sea Witch was on hand to ‘help’ Ariel become human in exchange for her voice. Showing that she has some great skating moves to match her evil personality. 

A rendition of ‘Kiss The Girl’ allowed Eric and Ariel to wow the audience with their skating duet and amazing moves. 

Of course, a Disney On Ice show would not be complete without a visit from the Ice Queen herself.

With a condensed version film we followed favourite characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Hans all taking to the ice. Renditions of Love Is An Open Door, In Summer and Let It Go – which had the audience singing out loud. 

The show ended with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and characters from the journey, joining in the finale in a perfect ending to an amazing show.

What We Thought – Review Disney on Ice Presents Dream Big Show 

Disney On Ice Dream Big - Coco
Credit – Disney On Ice

We loved this new Disney on Ice show.  We had three girls in our party from age 2 to 11 years and they were all mesmerised throughout. 

They were all delighted by the Little Mermaid and Cinderella numbers. And of course were well and truly in their element when singing along with Anna and Elsa.

Plus they were also over the moon to see Maui and Moana take to the Ice. My 11-year-old daughter declared it her favourite part of the evening. 

I had been concerned that my two-year-old niece who not be happy to sit still to watch the entire show. However, she hardly moved throughout, clapping after each show and was in complete awe when the dragon entered the rink. 

The special effects were of a true Disney standard. Favourites included the fire trails on the ice, masses amounts of snowflakes falling from the sky, and characters swinging to the ice on a zip wire. 

Add in the amazing ice skating skills and breathtaking routines, Disney On Ice Find Presents Dream Big is a truly magical show.

Discover More about Disney On Ice Presents Dream Big Tour here. 

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