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Review Diversity Connected Tour

Diversity on stage for the Connected Tour
6 May 2022

The Diversity Connected Tour has landed in Manchester and we headed along to check it out. Discover we thought in our review here. 

Diversity first burst onto our screens in 2009, winning Britain’s Got Talent and inspiring a new generation of dancers in the process. Since then, they have completed 9 sell-out tours, pursued individual careers in the world of entertainment and, in 2021, won the Bafta award for the must-see moment of the year with their Black Lives Matter inspired routine.

Now they are back in Manchester with their critically acclaimed Connected Tour. We were invited along to their press night and we sent along our On The Go reviewer Amy and her nine-year-old daughter. Discover what they thought below. 

Review Of Diversity Connected Tour

Diversity Connected Tour dance

Diversity are renowned for their epic stage production and special effects, so we knew we were in for a real treat. 

This new tour centres around the digital era, the internet and the social media world we find ourselves living in. The routines (choreographed by Ashley Banjo) explore the extent to which we are all connected, through our mobile phones and in some cases, how this digital world is also pushing us to disconnect from the real world around us. 

From the very offset, it was clear that the audience would be actively involved in the performance. Ashley Banjo arrived on the stage to rapturous screams and applause and invited everyone to switch on their mobile phone lights and hold them in the air; encouraging us to consider our own relationship with ‘the web.’ 

If all this sounds a little bit heavy, rest assured, the fantastic routines, though thought provoking, are utterly entertaining. In the opening number, Perri becomes ‘Perriquin,’ a character transported forward in time, who has the confusing concept of mobile phones explained to him through the power of dance. My daughter’s eyes widened as members of the group breakdanced and backflipped across the breadth of the whole stage. 

What follows are a diverse range of routines, choreographed to music ranging from Classical, to hip hop to rock. The staging is fantastic, with LED screens projecting lights and images, including lockdown footage of the dancers’ own families. This feels endearing and intimate and allows the audience to feel even more ‘connected’ to the group.

At one point, Ashley Banjo performs a solo routine, accompanied by a pack of flying drones. The whole audience were mesmerized by the choreography, with the drones appearing to dance in the air. This is the scale of Diversity’s ambition. It feels fresh, new and utterly exciting

Diversity are a group who know how to connect with their audience. There is great interaction throughout the show- with the group even recording a live track, complete with audience samples, which they then proceed to have a dance battle to.

The banter between brothers, Ashley and Jordan is genuine and hysterical. They are a group who know how to have a laugh, even going as far as letting their children choose the outfits for the opening number in the second half of the show. A wacky range of costumes, teddy bears and unicorns is the outcome, which the audience, especially the younger members absolutely love.

As the night reaches its climax, the group perform their award- winning Black Lives Matter inspired routine. The impact of seeing this live is indescribable. This was the most anticipated moment of the evening and was met with a standing ovation, which clearly moved the group. 

The whole show was fantastic from start to finish. Diversity are masters of their trade and know how to give the audience a memorable and moving experience. We had a fantastic evening.

The Connected tour continues its run at the Manchester Opera House until 7th May. Limited tickets remain and you can purchase them here. 

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