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Top Tips and Review Dinosaurs In The Park, Manchester

Review Dinosaurs In The Park Manchester
22 Jul 2023

Dinosaurs In The Park has arrived at Heaton Park Manchester for the start of the summer holidays of 2023. Discover what it is like and some top tips in our review.

Manchester has entered the Jurassic era as lots of dinosaurs have invaded Heaton Park. 

We were invited to check it out and asked our On The Go Reviewer and her family to head  Gemma and her to the opening weekend. 

Discover what they thought and some top tips to make your visit easier below. 

Where to Park in Heaton Park for Dinosaurs in the Park?

Review Dinosaurs in the Park moving dinosaurs

Heaton Park has quite a few different car parks to choose from. 

The event is located near Heaton Hall. 

The Dinosaurs in the Park website recommends the car park at Sheepfoot Lane which is around a 15-minute walk away, and the event is well signposted from there. 

However, the car park next to Treetop Nets is slightly closer at around a 10-minute walk. 

We parked at Sheepfoot Lane which is a pay-and-display car park and cost £3.00 for over 3 hours.

Do You Need Wellies Dinosaurs in the Park Manchester?

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Herbavores

The Dinosaurs in the Park event is located partially in the woodlands and partially on a grassed field. 

The day we went it had been raining the night before and whilst we were there. Although there are walkways at the start of the event once in the woodlands it was a tad muddy and the field a bit boggy. 

Unless it has been very hot for a few days before you attend we would recommend that you take your wellies even if sunny on the day you go. 

What is at The Dinosaur In The Park event?

The Dinosaur In The Park event is divided into two sections: the Dinosaur Trail and the Fun Zone.

The event starts with the Dinosaur Trail, where you will find lots of species of life-size moving dinosaurs divided into herbivores and carnivores.

Each of the dinos had their own info boards featuring lots of different facts and a Scare Factor dial showing how terrifying they would have been.

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Infomation boards

As mentioned above the trail starts in the woodland area where most of the herbivores were located but moves into a field where we discovered lots of the carnivorous creatures.

Here we also had the chance to brush the teeth of a moving giant T-Rex who we were told had been eating too many doughnuts and had started to develop plaque

Review Dinosaurs in the Park T-rex teeth brushing

At the end of the trail, we found the Fun Zone.

The Fun Zone featured lots of different dinosaur activities.

The Paleontologist Tent had the chance to take part in a dino dig, check some artefacts, look through a telescope at some cool specimens and have lots more dino fun. 

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Dinosaur Dig

In the Designosaurus Studio, we were invited to colour designs on dinosaur templates which then came alive on the screen.

Then in Videosaurous Tent, we got to see the T-Rex’s body being digitally mapped which was incredibly cool. 

There was also an area for a dinosaur meet and greet, however, we never managed to see this.

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Designasaurus

There was a sign saying the dino would be out every 20 minutes and we are unsure if we just kept missing the meet and greet or it was coming out less due to the weather. 

Other activities included a small soft play area for toddlers, a dino dig sandpit, a huge dinosaur-themed bouncy castle and a small crazy golf course. All are included in the price. 

They also had some small carousel-style rides, small bumper cars, bungee trampolines and a big top wheel which took you to the height of a Saurotops all for an additional cost – see below. 

At the start of the experience, we handed the Trail Challenge booklet which features different activities to complete during the trail and in the fun zone. The kids all loved filling this in and was in encouraging them to read some of the facts dotted around. 

Review Dinosaurs in the Park challenge trail booklet

How Long Does The Dinosaur in the Park Event Take?

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Photo Ops

All the activities including the Dinosaur Trail are self-led and you can spend as long as you like at the event. 

It took us around 40 to 50 minutes to complete the trail in full. 

Although we didn’t spend lots of time reading each info board we weren’t rushing, pausing for pictures and admiring the dinosaurs. 

Therefore you get around it quicker than we did if you are in a rush or stretch it out a little.

Again you could spend as little or as much time in the Fun Zone as you wish and if you decided to take your time around the activities there was easily enough to do for at least another or two couple of hours or even longer.  

How Much Are the Rides at Dinosaurs In The Park? 

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Kids Rides

Most of the activities at Dinosaurs In The Park are included in the cost of the ticket. 

The main exception to this is the rides and bumper cars. The bumper cars were closed on the day of our visit due to the weather and we couldn’t see a price.

However, the other attractions cost as follows:

  • Small carousel rides £3.00
  • Big top wheel £4.00
  • Bungee Trampolines £5.00

There was also a face painting stall offering:

  • Glitter Tattoos for £4.00,
  • Glitter Face for £4.00 
  • Facepaint £5.00 
  • Gem Face £8.00 
  • Hair brades from £8.00 to £10.00 

Food at Dinosaurs In The Park 

The Fun Zone featured lots of different food trucks selling a whole of savoury and sweet food choices. 

The savoury options include burgers and hot dogs both starting at £6.00, chips from £4.00, different flavoured noodles from £7.0o spring rolls from £4.00, Greek Gryos with chicken and halloumi choices at £10.00, halloumi fries at £7.00 and more. 

We also noticed a Kid’s Dino Box which included chips, nuggets and fruit shoots for £6.00.

The sweet treats options ranged from doughnuts from £5.00, chorizos from £7.00, an ice cream van, candy floss, and a slush stall. 

There was also a good choice of hot and cold drinks to purchase. 

We did go with the intention of purchasing food from the event; it all looked lovely. However, as already mentioned it was raining on the day of our visit and the tables and chairs available were not undercover. 

Heaton Park itself also has two cafe areas, one near the farm area which is close to the event and one at the lake which is around a 5 to 1o minute walk. 

These cafes serve all-day breakfasts, burgers, chicken dishes, lots of different toasties, chips and lots more. 

We were given a hand stamp on entering so presume you can go back into the event if you do leave although we did not try this. 

The Dinosaurs In The Park Gift Shop 

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Gift shop

We all love a good gift shop and Dinosaurs In The Park gift shop is located in the Fun Zone.

The gift shop featured lots of dinosaur-themed toys from bubbles at £1.00 and small dino figures for £1.50 to smaller plushies at £8.00 and larger plushies for £18.00 (which seemed to be the highest priced item). 

Toilets at The Dinosaurs In The Park Manchester Event

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Big Dinosaurs

Are you even out as a family if the kids don’t shout that they need the toilet as soon as you get into the event?

There is a toilet block near Heaton Hall and at the Stables Cafe area before you enter the event. 

Once on the trail, there are no facilities in the woodland area, but as you cross over to the field there is a path to take you to the toilet block near the hall. 

There are also portaloos inside the Fun Zone. 

What Did We Think of the Dinosaurs In The Park Event at Heaton Park?

Review Dinosaurs in the Park Raptor

Dino fans will adore The Dinosaurs In The Park event. 

The dinosaurs on the trail were amazing. They all looked very realistic, were a great size and each moved and made noises in a different way. 

The kids loved checking out all the different species, filling out the challenge trail booklet and of course posing for pictures.

All the activities in the Fun Zone were also lots of fun. They particularly enjoyed designing their own dinosaur and the fossil dig areas along with the large inflatable. 

As indicated above on the day we visited it was raining, obviously not ideal for an outdoor event but even with the bad weather we had a great day. 

More Information, prices and how to book >>> Dinosaurs in The Park, Manchester 

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