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Review Bodyguard The Musical

Review Bodyguard The Musical
20 Apr 2023

Bodyguard The Musical has arrived in Manchester and we were invited along to check it out for a review. Here is everything you need.

We sent along our On The Go Reviewer Amy to the Palace Theatre Manchester and you can discover what she thought below. 

Review Bodyguard The Musical at Palace Theatre Manchester 

The Bodyguard film somehow seemed to bypass me on its initial release in 1992. I did, however, watch this film more recently and enjoyed getting lost in the world of its main characters.

The movie boasts the best-selling soundtrack of all time and with such iconic anthems as ‘I have nothing,’ ‘I’m every woman’ and, of course, ‘I will always love you,’ it’s easy to see why.

As we took our seats, we were filled with anticipation. Could this stage adaptation possibly live up to the iconic film? We were pleasantly surprised by what we encountered and definitely did not leave feeling disappointed! 

The Bodyguard centres around the story of award-winning singer, Rachel Marron, played by Melody Thornton of The Pussycat Dolls.

In a bid to protect Marron from an obsessive fan simply known as ‘The Stalker,’ her manager hires the best Bodyguard money can buy. Frank Farmer (Emmerdale and Hollyoaks actor, Ayden Callaghan) plays the brooding and elusive Bodyguard with impressive accuracy.

Review Bodyguard The Musical Frank and Rachel

Initially reluctant to work for a ‘celebrity’ when he has grown used to protecting government officials, Farmer and Marron’s relationship inevitably develops from one of begrudging professionalism to love.

An interesting subplot, which has been added for dramatic effect in the musical, is the love triangle between Rachel, Frank and Rachel’s sister, Nicki Marron (Emily-Mae Walker).

Review Bodyguard The Musical The stalker and Nicki

Walker gives a stand-out performance as the side-lined sister, who has spent a lifetime living in her sister’s shadow. This addition works well, with Walker perfectly conveying her heartbreak and disappointment as her dreams of finding both superstardom and love are inevitably usurped by her sister. 

Other notable performances are Kaylenn Aires Fonseca as Marron’s young son, Fletcher, and Marios Nicolaides, as the sinister Stalker. The latter creates some truly terrifying moments of suspense, which had the audience jumping out of their seats, as he slowly but surely gets closer and closer to his intended victim. 

Bodygaurd The Musical Fletcher and Farmer

Whilst the musical is packed with exciting tension, it also comes with uplifting sprinkles of humour to lighten the mood. One stand-out moment is the bar scene.

Here Farmer reluctantly agrees to turn his hand to karaoke in order to entertain Marron. Callaghan delivers his song with a lovely sense of comedy timing, which adds an interesting contrast to the controlled and level-headed character, which the audience has been presented with up to that moment. 

It is fair to say, as with the film, that it is the songs that are the real stars of this show. The production feels part show/ part concert /part homage to all things Whitney Houston.  The musical includes all of the hits from the original motion picture, with some extra Whitney classics- such as ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody,’- thrown in for good measure. 

Thornton is known for her singing and this is definitely where she shines the brightest. Her voice appeared to grow in confidence and by the finale of ‘I will always love you,’ she was quite simply breathtaking. 

The audience was respectfully asked not to sing during the show but everyone was invited to stand, dance and sing their 80’s lungs out for the encore- a reprise of ‘I wanna dance with somebody.’

With neon letters spelling out the word ‘Dance,’ the moment felt both epic and euphoric. As the theatre lights went up, people were still singing and dancing in the aisles. 

We had a fantastic evening and would recommend this show to audiences aged 13+.

The bodyguard is showing at the palace theatre until 15th April 2023.

For more details and how to book tickets for Bodyguard The Musical here. 

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