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Review Bat Out Of Hell Musical Manchester Opera House.

A scene from Bat Out of Hell at Manchester Opera House Photo Credit - Chris Davis Studio
15 Sep 2021

The delayed Bat Out Of Hell has hit the stage at Manchester Opera House and we were invited along to check it out.

Running until Saturday 2nd October 2021 in Manchester, Bat Out Of Hell is starting its brand new tour across the UK. 

After over a year of theatres being closed, it was great to be back in the stalls at Manchester Opera House, which was packed to the rafters.

I have to admit that I knew nothing about Bat of Hell – apart from it being based on the only Meatloaf song that I thought I knew. Having been more into pop music in my youth, I didn’t know what to expect from a musical based on rock. I am pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed.

For those who are unaware, the story of Bat Out of Hell is a mix of Peter Pan and the classic Romeo and Juliet love story. The musical is set in a dystopian future; with the drama intertwined with the anthems of Jim Steinman and Meatloaf.

It follows Raven, the daughter of a wealthy tyrant, Falco, as she falls in love with Strat, the leader of ‘The Lost’, a group of mutants who are frozen in time at age 18 years.

Of course, her father, who has given his daughter everything, isn’t going to let her run away with an unruly gang. But when has a teenager ever done what a parent asks?

Glenn Adamson as Strat in BAT OUT OF HELL THE MUSICAL. Photo Credit Chris Davis Studio1Photo Credit – Chris Davis Studio

Glenn Adamson is perfectly cast in the role of Strat, an intense Peter Pan type character. He more than held his own with the abundant power ballads and brought a dark yet electrified energy to the role. He also showed that his skills are not restricted to his voice alone, as he sang Bat Out Of Hell covering himself in blood after his bike had crashed all with his microphone wrapped around his neck in an amazing interval finale.

Adamson was not the one to wow with his vocals. Lots of the cast were honoured with solos and each performed the not so easy to master anthems with ease.

Special mention goes to Martha Kirby as Raven, Sharon Sexton as Raven’s mother Sloane and gang member Zahara played by Joelle Moses, whose high notes were all met with huge rounds of applause from the audience.

Sloane, along with Rob Fowler’s Falco, brought the well-received comedy relief. Although embarrassing for daughter Raven their sex scene brought on a laugh or two. The nod to the current climate with a dose of hand sanitiser after a handshake and their martial sparing had the audience in stitches. Although the darker side to their relationship does present itself, showing the depth of these actors skills. 

Rob Fowler as Falco and Sharon Sexton as Sloane in BAT OUT OF HELL THE MUSICAL. Photo Credit Chris Davis StudioPhoto Credit – Chris Davis Studio 

 I wouldn’t be doing the show justice if I didn’t also mention the set and effects. The stage is cleverly divided into two levels. The dark apocalyptic home of The Lost below and the luxury of Raven’s home above, with the scenes set here filmed live and projected on to a big screen on stage to an amazing affect.

Joelle Moses as Zahara and Glenn Adamson as Strat with the cast of Bat Out Of Hell in BAT OUT OF HELL THE MUSICAL. Photo Credit Chris Davis Studio.jpgPhoto Credit – Chris Davis Studio 

The show ended with an encore tribute to the late Jim Steiner which, to the audiences’ delight, everyone was encouraged to record on their phones. 

Whether you are Meatloaf fan or not,  Bat Out Of Hell will have you dancing in your seats and is definitely not to be missed. 

Bat Out Of Hell is running at the Manchester Opera House until Saturday 2nd October and tickets can be purchased from AGT here. 

Top Photo Credit – Chris Davis Studio





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