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Review The Addams Family Musical Comedy Manchester Opera House

The Addams Family sat at a long table on a stage credit Pamela Raith
20 Apr 2022

Everyone’s favourite kooky clan, The Addams Family, have come to Manchester Opera House for a fun musical comedy. Discover what we thought in our review here.

The Addams Family The Musical Comedy is back on tour of the UK and landed at Manchester Opera House. We sent along on of our On The Go reviewers Amy and her 9 nine-year-old daughter to check it out and you can discover what they thought below.

Review The Addams Family Musical Comedy

The cast of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Credit Pamela Raith 2Photo Credit Pamela Raith

I and my daughter love The Addams Family films and we were excited to enjoy a spooky night of deliciously dark comedy.

The play began with the familiar sight of ‘thing’, the resident disembodied hand, and, of course, those iconic finger clicks. The delighted audience ‘click-clicked’ in unison and, just like that, we were transported into the gothic world of The Addams family- with a little help from the opening number, ‘When you’re an Addams.’

Audiences, hoping to see all of their creepy favourites, were not left disappointed.

Gomez, is played by the wonderful Cameron Blakely. Blakely has reprised this role for the current national tour and he is utterly charming as the hapless romantic; caught between his strong-willed wife and daughter.

Cameron Blakely as Gomez Addams Joanne Clifton as Morticia Addams in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Credit Pamela RaithPhoto Credit Pamela Raith

Blakely is hilarious as he clumsily navigates the web of lies he has told in an attempt to hide his daughter, Wednesday’s, engagement to the surprisingly normal Lucas Benieke (Matthew Ives). His goal? To give his daughter one ‘normal’ family meal with her future ‘perfectly normal’ in-laws before they announce their plan to marry.

His sharp-tongued wife, Morticia, is as unconvinced by her husband’s lies as she is by her daughter’s attempt to appear normal in a floaty bright yellow dress. Morticia, played fantastically by former Strictly pro Joanne Clifton, vows that she will get to the bottom of her husband’s deception.

What follows is a hilarious comedy of errors, as the straight-laced Benieke family reluctantly arrive at the Addams family mansion for a ‘civilised’ meal. From the moment that they are met at the door, by the iconic and imposing butler, Lurch, the audience know that they are in for a real treat. Ryan Bennet was an absolute delight as Lurch.

Although this is a largely voiceless part, his rumbling grunts and slow, deliberate steps, received some of the biggest laughs of the night- particularly from the children in the audience.

Another iconic character is, of course, Uncle Fester. The haphazard uncle, who is determined to see Wednesday and Lucas’ love triumph, was without a doubt our (mine and my 9-year- old daughter’s) firm favourite. Scott Page dazzles in this role. His comedy timing is impeccable. His solos, ‘But Love’ and ‘The Moon and Me,’ received rapturous applause.

Valda Aviks as Grandma in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Credit Pamela RaithPhoto Credit Pamela Raith

Other characters of note include Grandma Addams and Pugsley (Grant McIntyre). Through their interactions, we see Pugsley’s apprehension about his sister’s impending marriage. Is biggest fear? What if Wednesday no longer wants to torture him?

In an interesting plot twist, Pugsley steals magic herbs from his Grandma. He puts them in the Addams family chalice, in the hope that his sister will drink them and show her ‘dark character,’ to her prospective new family.

However, it is Lucas’ mother, Alice Benieke, who takes the chalice. What follows are some interesting ‘home truths,’ where we see that the Beniekes are not quite so normal after all.

It is fair to say that the scenery for this production is as impactful as the actors in it. My daughter was in awe of the twin balconies which frame the Addams family mansion and offer a dramatic setting for a large part of the action.

The production also boasts a talented ensemble cast of singers and dancers, masquerading as the ghosts of the Addams family ancestors. The choreography was spectacular- marrying ballet, contemporary and Spanish flamenco styles.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with the fabulously flamboyant Addams family. We would recommend the show for spooks aged 9-999. Check it out… if you dare.

The Addams Family The Musical Comedy is playing at the Manchester Opera House until Saturday 23rd April and you can purchase tickets here.

Main Photo Credit Pamela Raith

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