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Recycle Your Electricals at The Trafford Centre with Love Your Old Toaster

Giant toaster at Recycle Your Electricals Trafford Centre
7 Nov 2022

The Trafford Centre are giving you the chance to recycle your electricals in Manchester with their Love Your Old Toaster campaign. 

11 million toasters are thrown away or hoarded each year, to help combat the waste The Trafford Centre has teamed with up Recycle Your Electricals to bring a Giant Toaster to the centre.

The Giant Toaster is a massive 6.8ft by 12.8ft and aims raise awareness of recycling electricals in Manchester Trafford Centre.

Giant toaster Trafford Centre

In advance of the Black Friday and Christmas spending bonanza, which sees UK households buy nearly 40 million electricals,  new research has found that across the UK we throw away 11.4 million toasters per year.

To help households create space for their new electricals Recycle Your Electricals have launched the Love Your Old Toaster campaign encouraging the nation to donate or recycle their old toasters and other electricals.

The campaign which is being launched at Manchester Trafford Centre on 4th November, is aiming will raise awareness that there are now 5,000 electrical and battery recycling points across the UK. 

The giant, colourful toaster has been designed by exciting young artist Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa, features all-over hand-painted abstract illustrations of small household electricals, the kind of electrical items that are binned or hoarded in homes all over the UK.

Unfortunatley the giant toaster will not be serving huge pieces of toast (sorry) but will be a drop-off spots for shoppers bring along their old, unwanted electricals. and pop them into the toaster.

in recent research, Recycle Your Electricals’ has identified that 46% of those who have thrown away a toaster did not know how or where to recycle it or were not aware that it could be recycled.

The Giant Toaster is designed to change that by helping to highlight that there are over 5,000 electrical and battery recycling points across the UK, with more being added. 

Recycle electricals trafford centre near John Lewis

These recycling points can be found on the Recycle Your Electricals postcode locator –

Recycle Your Electricals have also been looking at Manchester’s toast eating habits and have made some fun discoveries.

Almost half (45%) of people in Manchester eat toast at least several times a week. Some consuming it once a day or even several times a day with 62% of Mancunians eat toast for breakfast, but 11% eat it at lunch time. 

But what the people of Manchester toasting? 

Here are the top ten bakery products that mancunians like to toast!

  1. Plain white bread (47%)
  2. Crumpets (39%)
  3. Teacakes (28%)
  4. Wholewheat bread (25%)
  5. Hot cross buns (24%)
  6. Bagels (19%)
  7. Sourdough bread / English muffins (13%)
  8. Pita bread (10%) 
  9. Soda bread (5%)
  10. Rye bread (4%) 

When it comes to toppings the top ten is not too surprising although the popular avocado didn’t make the list. 

  • Butter / margarine (55%)
  • Cheese (40%)
  • Eggs (36%
  • Jam (33%)
  • Beans (31%)
  • Marmalade (16%)
  • Marmite (10%)
  • Peanut butter (9%)
  • Honey (8%)
  • Banana (6%)

How much you like your bread toasting is always a controversial topic. 

It is pretty much divided in Manchester with, 44% of people in Manchester preferring their toast light brown, followed by 43% who like medium to dark brown. Unsurprisingly, only 2% (that many!) like it near burnt! 

Almost a quarter (23%) of people in Manchester, plan on eating more toast this year, because it’s a cheaper food option. 

Recycle Your Electricals campaign aims to get UK households to stop throwing away or hoarding their small old electricals and instead start donating or recycling them.

To find where you can recycle your unwanted or unused electrical, simply put your postcode into the locator on the Recycle Your Electricals website to find your nearest locations.

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