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Lion King 2019 Family Friendly Review

children in front of Lion King 2019 poster
19 Jul 2019
The Lion King 2019 film has opened in UK and we were invited to check it out at Cineworld and here is what we thought.
With my nine and six years old and a friend who adores all Disney, tonight we headed to Cineworld Ashton Under Lyne to watch the new Lion King film in their IMAX 3D screen

As big fans of the original Lion King and the added attraction of Beyonce (as Nala), Donald Glover (as Simba) and Seth Rogen’s (as Pumbaa) voices, we all very excited to see the live action, or should we say the digitally generated film

If you haven’t tried out the Cineworld IMAX screens yet, this is definatley the film to start with. The huge screen was perfect to fully appreciate the immersive detail of all the animals and backdrops leaving us in awe that very little of it was real and that most had been created digitally in a studio.
We also loved watching as the characters completely come to life in 3D, especially my six year old who was completely engrrossed trying to catch bugs and dancing along. This was somewhat of  relief  I had worried, that the 3D would make some of scenes too scary for her.
Fans will be happy to hear that film follows the orginial story pretty much scene for scene, included all the favourite songs and hearing Musfasa voice played again by James Earl Jones was very comforting. Although there were some scenes that didn’t quiet live up to the cartoon, new elements and comedy lines made balanced this out; especially a big nod to another of my favourite films. 
I have a feeling this is going to be a marmite film; your either going to love seeing all the well love characters look so real or disappointed that in your eyes that it hasn’t lived up to the original. I am firmly in the love it category and so was my friend who declared as the best film ever.
More importantly with the Lion King being the obvious choice for a summer holiday cinema trip, my kids loved it too and were delighted with the very funny Pumbaa and Timone and their toilet humour.
The new Lion King (2019) is a great family film and we would highly recommend a trip to the cinema to see all the amazing detail in its full glory on the big screen . 
Tickets to see Lion King (2019) at Cineworld Ashton and other Cineworld Cinemas are now available to purchase on the Cineworld website here.

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