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Fun At Home with MAOAM’S Hub of Mischief | Advertising Feature

MAOAM Hub of Mischief Main 3
30 Apr 2020

Advertisement Feature | Have fun at home with MAOAM’s mischief maker Max on their new Hub of Mischief.

MAOAM has launched their new Mischief Hub and it is the perfect way to keep the kids and families busy and entertained during the lockdown.

With the help of MAOAM mischief-maker, Max, the new Mischief Hub is full of pranks, crafts, and even Mischief Missions courtesy of well-loved duo, Dick and Dom. There’s also a fun competition with the chance to win some MAOAM confectionery.

To discover all the fun that MAOAM’s Mischief Hub has to offer, we asked Manchester mum Gemma and her own mischief makers, Harry aged 10 and Isabelle aged 7, to check it out. Here is what they thought.


MAOAM’s Hub of Mischief

Like lots of other families on lockdown across Manchester and the UK, we are on a daily lookout for new ways to keep the kids entertained and having fun together. As big fans of MAOAM’s sweets, and with two of my own pranksters, when we were asked to check out MAOAM’s new Hub of Mischief, we jumped at the chance.

MAOAM’s Hub of Mischief can be found at . It is separated into three fun sections; a mischievous blog section full of fun news and how-tos; videos and challenges from the hilarious Dick and Dom; and a competition section detailing how you can win some delicious MAOAM prizes.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief website

As soon as we headed over to the Hub, the kids couldn’t wait to have a look around and get started. Here is how we got on. 


The MAOAM Mischievous Blog.

Meet Max ‘The Maker of Mischief’

After reading the ‘Welcome to the MAOAM Hub of Mischief’ post which tells you all about the Hub, the kids decided they wanted to read the ‘Meet Max : The Maker of Mischief’ post.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief Max the Mischief. Maker

Here MAOAM’s mascot, Max, answers fun questions about himself, such as his favourite sweets, the most mischievous thing he has done, his favourite disguise, pranks, jokes and lots more. Both my 7 and 10 year old loved reading about his antics and discovering new ideas for pranks. It also proved a great family conversation starter, as we all started sharing answers to the questions ourselves and trying to come up with some fun pranks to try.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief Max Maker of Mischief

Mischievous Crafts 

We next moved onto the “Mischievous Crafts To Do At Home” post. My kids love crafts and making things but I have been struggling to think up new ideas to keep them entertained. I was therefore over the moon when I saw that MAOAM’s Hub of Mischief had a craft section.

The craft instructions are really easy to follow and use materials usually found in craft packs and around the house. Best of all, the finished crafts can all be played with and to my kids delight the instructions include ideas on how they can help with your mischief making.

After some debate on which mischievous craft to try first we settled on the family Potato Guessing Game. To get started you just need a potato and any crafty bits you have lying around. The aim is to transform the potato into a member of the family and then everyone to guess who it is.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief Crafts

Both kids loved doing this and thought it was hilarious when my husband guessed the first potato as me due to it’s uncanny resemblance (I can’t see it myself). However, I did guess ‘grumpy daddy’ on their second try.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief guess the potato game result

MAOAM Hub of Mischief fun

For such a simple idea the craft and game kept them busy for ages. They have loved that we can send the picture to Max via MAOAM’s social media channels and they can’t wait to get started on the next craft. They have assured me that their next venture will involve ‘scaring daddy’, so I am completely on board!

Mischief Missions with Dick and Dom 

Of course, a hub of mischief wouldn’t be complete without some fun, mischievous challenges. Max has enlisted the well known mischief makers Dick and Dom to give him a helping hand.

Max has challenged the popular funny duo with a series of Mischief Missions resulting in some humorous videos for the whole family to watch and to try yourself at home.

The videos are short and (as you would expect from Dick and Dom) extremely silly and so of course my kids loved them; especially when at the end they challenged the viewers to have a go themselves in a kids vs parents Mischief Mission.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief Dick and Dom

As I am sure you can imagine, my kids needed no encouragement to have a go, and to be quite honest, neither did I.

We decided to first have a go at the “Shut Your Ears’ Mischief Mission. The Hub of Mischief lists everything you need for the challenges which in this case was objects which make noise, a timer, willing family members and understanding neighbours!

The aim of the mission is to make a continuous noise for sixty seconds without using your mouth (mouths are for MAOAM afterall).

Once we had gathered everything and (decided our neighbours would love to hear us make some noise) the Mischief Mission was on. Making noise for 60 seconds sounds like an easy task but it is definitely harder than we thought it would be, especially as there may have been a bit of pranking going on. 

MAOAM Hub of Mischief shut your ears

MAOAM Hub of Mischief parent mischief

Having loved the “Shut Your Ears’ Mischief Mission, we couldn’t resist trying the “Could I Be Wearing Any More Clothes?” Mischief Mission.

For this Mischief Mission, we simply needed lots of clothes and any fancy dress items and a timer. As the names suggests the, aim of the mission is to put on as many clothes in 60 seconds. The person with the most items on at the end of the 60 seconds is the winner.

This was so much fun and became very competitive, especially as I offered a MAOAM stripe to the winner of each round. As they normally get dressed at a snail’s pace needing lots of encouragement, I thought I would be the sure winner. However Dick and Dom’s how-to video must have done the trick as they beat me in every round – and we played a lot. Even trying to throw clothes at them to slow them down (it was a Mischief Mission after all) didn’t seem to help.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief kids challenge

MAOAM Hub of Mischief clothes challenge

Best of all, the end results were hilarious and they were really excited when I said we could share a picture with MAOAM to their social media channels.

MAOAM Hub of Mischief

MAOAM Hub of Mischief Parent vs Kids

But don’t take my word for it, check out what the kids thought and see the mission in action in their video here.

We can’t wait to see what Mischief Mission Max challenges Dick and Dom to next.

MAOAM’S Hub of Mischief Competition 

Along with all the mischief fun, MAOAM’s Hub of Mischief is also giving you the chance to win some MAOAM goodies when sharing proof of your pranks with MAOAM. This has certainly captured my two’s imagination who after spotting the brief ran off together to plan out a prank. They have promised me it will be aimed at my husband but as they were giggling when they declared this, I am very much on high alert!

To enter the MAOAM’S Hub of Mischief Competition, all you need to do is share proof of your pranks on either their Instagram at @maoam_uk, Twitter at @OfficialMAOAM or on Facebook at @MAOAM UK.




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