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Coca Cola Truck Manchester Tour Dates 2021

30 Nov 2021

It’s official, the holidays are coming but will the Coca-Cola Truck returning to Manchester this Christmas 2021

The Coca-Cola Truck Christmas tour has been confirmed and dates are being announced daily for Christmas 2021 – see here. 

The Coca Cola trucks which first graced our screens in 1995, marks the holidays are coming and now you can see it in person as it visits cities around the country and we hope it will include stops in Greater Manchester.

The last Coca-Cola Truck tour that took place in 2019 after 2020 was cancelled due to Covid 19 pandemic. 

In 2019 the Coca- Cola Truck made two stops in Manchester at  Manchester Asda Eastlands and Trafford Centre as part of the tour.  

For 2021 Coca Cola have been only advertising that Truck will be only making one stop at Trafford Centre from the 3rd to 5th December 2021

However, the Coca-Cola Truck has today (6th December 2021) been spotted in another Manchester location, in the car park at Asda Eastlands. We are presuming that they will be there for the rest of the day but not sure if they will stay longer. The Coca-Cola Truck is not scheduled to be until 8th December 2021 (see here) so it is possible. 

The tour always see families flocking from all over Greater Manchester to see the truck and have their photo taken with the truck and soak up the festive fun and entertainment that Coca Cola are so great at.

We have all seen Truck on TV and hopefully, we will be seeing the Coco-Cola Truck again in Manchester.  Check out the details of the Manchester stop here

We can’t wait to see what they have in store. 

For the full list of Coca Cola Truck Stops throughout the UK here. 

Image Credit : Coca Cola Company 

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