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Will the Heaton Park Firework event be going ahead for 2023

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16 Oct 2021

Manchester city council organised firework and bonfire events Heaton Park, Platt Fields, Debdale Park and Wythenshawe have yet to be announced. 

We have hit mid-October and lots of us are starting to plan Bonfire night. If you usually head to one of Manchester’s Parks for their free organised bonfire events you may be disappointed. 

Manchester Council usually organises free bonfire events at Heaton Park in Prestwich, Debbdale Park in Gorton, Platt Fields in Fallowfield, Crumpsall Park in Crumpsall, Wythenshawe Park in Wythenshawe and the Ethiad Stadium near Manchester City Centre.

However, we understand that these bonfire nights events may not go-ahead for 2021 and are ‘still under review’. 

It is expected that a decision on if the Heaton Park Fireworks and other bonfire events across Manchester will be going ahead. 

Although the bonfire events organised by Manchester city council may not be going ahead, lots of bonfires and firework displays across Greater Manchester have been announced. Check them out in our Manchester Bonfire Night guide here. 

It is also not clear if there will be a New Years Eve firework event in the city centre for 2021 especially after it has been announced the London event has been cancelled. 

We understand that the Manchester City Council will be making the announcement about New Years Eve soon. 

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